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A Good Care Leaver Offer from older Care Experienced Perspective

created by Sean Geoghegan published on 21 September 2021

We asked a group of older Care Experienced people to discuss the Care Leaver Local Offer Website and the things we have asked councils so far and with hindsight what is important to Care Leavers. We asked Sean Geoghegan to convene a group. Here is what they said.   Care Leaver’s Offers I am an older care experienced person. I am also by definition a Care Leaver.

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Interdependancy and Independance by Lisa Cherry

created by Lisa Cherry published on 11 September 2021

Background In 1993, I wrote my dissertation on how the absence of building community and relationship networks impacted on the self-esteem of those leaving care. I was 23, living alone in a tower block in Battersea, trying to put all that had gone before as far behind me as I could push it!

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Shared Accommodation Rate for Care Leavers

created by Terry Galloway published on 11 September 2021

Housing allowances are very important for care leavers and we know that many care leavers do not let themselves be known to the benefits system as care leavers. However it is super important if you are a care leaver to let your Universal Credit work coach know.   Background

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Care Leaver Training Flat

Care Leaver Training Flat created by Cheryl published on 17 June 2021

It is hard to believe we started to look at having a training flat for our young people early in 2019.   Listening to what our care leavers were saying to us, it was clear there was a real need to give them the opportunity to experience the difficulties of living on their own. But to do this within a safe and a supported environment.  

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First 'Joint' Local Offer for Care Leavers in England

created by Terry Galloway published on 16 April 2021

We created the first joint Care Leaver offer in Nottinghamshire involving 8 councils. As we wrote the offer, over 400 people took part. We had so many meetings, conferences, working groups and presentations involving every department in every council.        

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